The SJC College Commemoration Ball 2014
The Ball of the Year

Founded in 1555, St John’s College has a rich history of captivating, sophisticated and unrivalled celebrations. Join us on the 27th June 2014 for the legendary Commemoration event that will undeniably be the Ball of the Year.

As the snow falls and the flowers bloom, guests will make their way through the transformed quads and gardens of St John’s College in all its glory. From a wintry fairground to a headline act at the seaside, we will keep you entertained from dusk till dawn. Expect all of your favourite seasonal food and drink available to keep you going until the last leaf falls...

Never again will you have the chance to experience the splendour of the seasons in one unforgettable night. For more details, check out our newsletters below. It's time to get ready.

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Dress code: white tie preferred

The SJC College Commemoration Ball 2014
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